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Impla Sonic (KM-650)


- The medical device manufacturing items a license number: 08-252
- Class number(Class) : A16090.01[2]
- The protection type for electric shock : Internal power-in appliance, BF Type
- Power source : DC 7.2V
- Weight : 1.2kg

- Main body, 1MHz and 3MHz ultrasound transducers

- Heating : Ultrasound energy makes cell vibration and it makes heat
- Cleaning : Cavitation by cell vibration excretes waste
- Pain reducing : Energization of blood current and lymph by heating can reduce the pain

4.How to use : Refer user manual


- Do not use at the place of short wave and microwave
- Do not place at the high humidity/temperature, salt and ion material
- Please check the battery condition before use
- Acquaint the banned sites and patients