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KM-2700 (ICT)


Method of Use
KM-2700 ICT is a medical device that alleviates muscle ache, joint pain and neuralgia using intermediate frequency furnace interference current frequency(fixed frequency 4,000Hz, variable frequency 1~150Hz).

KM-2700 is a medical device that enables two patients to be treated simultaneously with one device taking stability of patient, conveniences of user, accuracy of frequency and even efficiency into account.

   ① KM-2700 is a medical device that prioritizes stability of patient using zero start, over-current blocking

   ② KM-2700 is a medical device that realizes conveniences with 5 therapy programs and one touch exhaust
     function so that use can use easily.

   ③ KM-2700 is a medical device that realizes the strength of frequency stimulus set up by user exactly
     generating frequency with digital method and takes stability and conveniences into consideration as
     user can check through LCD directly 

   ④ KM-2700 is a medical device that takes even efficiency of two patients or two different diseased parts of
     patient being treated simultaneously into consideration.

   ⑤ KM-2700 is a medical device that can be attached or detached to the diseased parts easily using suction


Product Specification
Protected type of electrical shock : 1class BF type device
Rated voltage : AC220V, 60Hz
Power consumption : 200VA
Output current : Maximum 75mA(Non-inductive load resistance at 500Ω)
Output voltage : Maximum 100Vp-p(Non-inductive load resistance at 500Ω)
Fixed frequency : 4,000Hz / Variable frequency : 1∼150Hzt 
Maximum time of use : 60 minutes(per1 time)
Recommended time of use : 10~20minutes
Safety device :zero start device, over-current blocking device
Absorption/exhaust cycle : 2~4 seconds
Weight : 8kg
Size : 400mm(W) × 300mm(L) × 210mm(H)
Absorption pressure : Maximum pressure 385mmHG